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Have you ever wondered why some people constantly suffer from illnesses and tiredness, and others almost always spread positive energy around and are in good health, regardless of age and other circumstances?

Those who feel great, constantly and consciously make choices regarding their wellbeing. One of such conscious decisions is choosing the foods that support the functioning of their bodies.

What if currently you are eating something and you are unaware of its negative impact on your body? What if you are training but your diet is not suited to your discipline? You may be feeling gradually worse and be unable to diagnose the source of your indisposition. Health is not coincidental, it is an outcome of conscious decision-making.

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Nutrition plans
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Nutrition plans
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When you do not improve in your sport discipline

We can help if you cannot see improvement despite your hard trainings.

When you want to look better

If you wish to loose extra kilograms or to build muscles but you do not have an idea, how to start.

When your previous attempts failed

If you have been through several diets which were too expensive, inconvenient or simply did not taste good.

When you would rather be safe than sorry

When you want to minimize the possibility of diabetes, obesity and others.

See how we can help you

Regardless of whether you want to improve your health and get rid of certain medical conditions, or whether you want to see better results of your training, here in CEZIS we will make a simple and delicious nutritional plan for you. We will select the right supplementation and will show you step by step, how to boost up your health.

Centrum Edukacji Żywieniowej i Sportu

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We do not support the diet based exclusively on the calorie-counting

These are the reasons why people decide to follow our nutrition plans:

First and foremost, we want to show you that diet can be delicious, healthy, cheap and easy to prepare!


  • Mama Przemka

    Thank you for the menu. Przemek is very motivated and bravely faces proper nutrition. He frequently asks what he has on the menu and makes sure that all the ingredients are on his plate in the right proportions of course. I am very happy that our child had such a breakthrough. Kindest regards :)

    Mama Przemka
  • Bartłomiej

    Mateusz is the best dietitian I've ever worked with. Huge knowledge, commitment and individual approach. I recommend working with him to any athlete who wants to grow and cares about his health. After a year of cooperation, my results and well-being soared.

  • Joanna

    Very good impression after the visit, Mr. Mateusz approached the interview in great detail, based on which he prepared a nutrition plan. The diet I received is varied, but not complicated and its preparation does not take much time. We will probably have to wait for the effects, but the professional approach to the topic is impressive.

  • Marceli

    Great individual approach to the athlete, huge knowledge and commitment. Diet adapted to each training day, so the effects can be seen from day to day. I truly recommend :)

  • Inaki

    Mateusz approach to nutrition is very professional, practical and well balanced with science. I have got great health and performance in sport by working with im and his nutrition team. I will highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve: health, body comosition and sport performance. With his methodology I had been able to apply changes in my lifestyle that will stand probably forever.

  • Arek

    We work with CEZIS as Way2Champ - Mateusz Gawełczyk helps athletes we work with on a daily basis in terms of coaching (cycling and triathlon). The nutrition plan is practical, simple to apply, and most importantly - it gives effects in the form of fat reduction, increase in strength/generated power and improvement of recovery.

  • Tato Janka

    At the beginning, let me introduce myself- I am father of Janek from the 3rd workshop group Train with Masters, who "drew" with him in nutrition (I am not refusing him now eating between designated meals, and he no longer asks me to drink coffee from the espresso machine ;-) Thank you on behalf of myself, but also my hard-training son for a professionally prepared and substantive presentation regarding nutrition of young athletes.

    Tato Janka
  • Krzysztof

    As they promise, they do. I wanted to reduce weight without losing strength and power and voile! You can call, inquire, ask for changes and everything will be included. Fully professional. Highly recommended!

  • Gosia

    A group of professionals who approach what they do with passion. I trusted them 8 months ago, after many previous experiments with nutrition ... The effects exceeded my expectations, not only in terms of sports form, but above all HEALTH! The nutrition plan is adapted to both training and lifestyle, and "diet" has nothing to do with the list of sacrifices. I especially recommend working with Marcin, who rearranged and disenchanted my "nutritional world" - thank you.

  • Kaja

    I came across Marcin Magiera by accident. I was looking for a sports nutritionist who would eventually lead me on the right path and I won't be dealing with a lack of vitamins. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, I lead a very active lifestyle - I train cross fit, swim and run. Running in my life means a lot – when I race, which is practically every week, I permanently need strength that I did not have due to my incorrectly prepared diet. Now it is completely different. I've been working with Marcin for 10 months. Practically from the first month I started to notice favorable changes. My figure has changed significantly, despite the fact that the weight has practically remained the same (1 or 2 kg - / +). The proportions just changed. The diet is varied, I eat what I like, because he always asks me what I would like on the menu and what not. We always take my weight on each visit and check what has changed since the last meeting. After such an interview, he knows how to shape my meals so that I can keep my weight, be healthy and have power. In fact, there was no month in which I would complain about what I eat. These meals are really tasty and sometimes I can't even eat that much. In addition, Marcin is a great motivator, who motivates me to further achievements and encourages me to constantly reach for more. I can say with no hesitation that we work together for my sports successes.

  • Marcin

    Full professionalism and commitment. What more could you ask for? I have been on a diet for a month, I will come back here in six months after the European Swimming Championships and write more ;)

  • Michał

    Very large knowledge, a comprehensive approach to each athlete, high flexibility. Recommended!

  • Iwona

    Mateusz has repeatedly conducted training courses for swimmers from Lublin. It's amazing when someone can combine experience, knowledge and passion. Mateusz, as a former athlete, uses excellent examples from the life of an athlete, which gives an excellent, clear and, what is very important, effective message for young, yet inexperienced swimmers. Therefore, the best coaches are people who know from their own experience the life of an athlete and know what is most important to them. And it's important to understand the athletes. Thanks to this Mateusz conducts classes in a very practical way. As a parent and coach, I highly recommend working with him.

  • Paweł

    1.5 weeks with your nutrition plan, 1.3 kg down and so much power that I've never had so much!

  • Good morning! Now that the emotions after the Polish Championships are over, I finally returned home, took a deep breath, and thought that I would write to you. I would like to thank you with all my heart for helping me with my diet and working together for these two months. This cooperation influenced my results and I could peak perfectly for the championship. The results are very satisfactory, but we are not slowing down and I look forward to further cooperation to the Polish Summer Championships. Thank you very much!

  • I am quite satisfied so far. I manage almost perfectly to follow your diet, I had only one exception when I went to a restaurant with a friend for dinner (although instead of a traditional burger, I chose vegetable tacos :) ).

  • Ania, the recipes are music for my palate - tasty and do not require a lot of time. Importantly, my meals are selected so that I do not have to snack. I was worried about the days before my period, because then I eat chocolates in max 2 minutes. This time I didn't even think about sweets :). I calmly survived my son's 18th birthday ... I rearranged my meals a bit and prepared meals from my nutrition plan. I was satisfied and so were my guests.

  • Elżbieta

    I was very happy today to receive a message from you and my new nutrition plan. I like it very much. It meets all my expectations: meal times, ingredients, method and preparation well the menu suits me (although today it seems to me that everything will be very tasty :)). Very readable and understandable. As for me, SUPER – deserves an A! I will take on this new challenge and let’s see what the results will be!

  • Iwona

    Thank you so much for a great diet. I use the menu since Sunday and I am very happy and full. The food is tasty, and above all I feel great and I have no complaints. I am glad that I came to you.

  • Kasia
    The diet meets my expectations because the menu is varied and the food very tasty. Portions much smaller than the ones I've always had and yet I'm full. I try to eat slowly, which allows me to get full with the designated portions :). I have been on a diet since Wednesday and already feel that I have more energy (in the evenings I often fell out of power, even if I did not exercise). Meals are simple and quick to prepare and easy to digest, and I'm happy about it because before I was experiencing a feeling of constant weight in my stomach. I am glad that I came to you and I believe that I will always eat a healthy diet. Since January 5, I haven't eaten a single chip etc. Sometimes when I feel hungry or my sugar goes down I eat raisins or nuts and drink water. I forgot to say that I am allergic to hazelnuts, so I replaced them with walnuts. Best regards and see you soon!
  • Mieszko

    I’ve been doing triathlon for 4 years now. I came to Mateusz recently and I can already see first effects and very good forecasts for the upcoming season. His recipes show not only huge theoretical knowledge but also practical. I can highly recommend working wiht him!

  • Mikołaj

    I highly recommend Mateusz Gawełczyk! Due to the fact that I’m an amateur runner, I decided to work with Mateusz, who has extensive experience when it comes to endurance sports. The diet created by Mateusz is very practical and easy to apply and at the same time tasty. Thanks to the tips I know perfectly well how I can rotate meals, and thus the diet is very diverse. Thanks to our cooperation, my results are systematically improving, post-workout recovery is more effective. If someone is looking for a dietitian who will adapt his diet to his workouts (will analyze the training diary), lifestyle and work, which as you know in amateur sport is very important, then Mateusz is the right person.

  • Sonia

    Mateusz Gawełczyk has conducted for us many workshops on healthy nutrition for young swimmers. Always fully prepared and professional. Although he often tackles difficult topics for children and adolescents, he can put out the knowledge in such a way that it turns out that it is not difficult to understand and easily memorable. The kids always went out completely satisfied with the classes. I truly recommend Mateusz's services.

    Academy of Hasten
  • Dominik

    A properly composed nutrition plan helped me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a specialist in sports nutrition that is always available - I recommend Mateusz and the entire CEZIS team.

    Piłka nożna | Ruch Chorzów
  • Tomasz
    Because of a properly programmed nutrition and supplementation plan my recovery is faster and more effective, and this allows me to train even harder!
    triathlon | AZS AWF Katowice

Trust our methods and see the ideas you have never thought before. They will have an effect you have not dared to dream about!


Thanks to our methods this will change. Why?



It is dangerous to experiment when it comes to health. In spite of that, a number of so called “nutrition specialists” do it, which puts their clients at risk of facing even worse health problems. Even in they have good intentions, they may not necessarily be able to help you. Everyone is different and has a different body. This is why we need different diet and instructions.

While creating nutrition plans in CEZIS, we work in accordance with EBM rules which means that all the specifications you will receive from us are based on academic research and that they will be suited to you. Because we are not just nutritionists, we are clinical dietitians!

Do you want to benefit from our knowledge and improve your health? See the link below and get a nutrition plan for yourself.



The fact that you do not feel well may have be linked to something seemingly harmless. But, what if you eat harmful products all the time, without being aware of it? What if your diet is not right for your trainings, you are wasting your time and you’re getting frustrated because you don’t know what the reason is? There is nothing worse than the lack of knowledge. Without the knowledge, you want be able to impose changes.

Some think that healthy eating is unnecessary. This is not true. How many times have you heard that someone suddenly got sick? Everyone is surprised as the person has been healthy and active the whole life. Firstly, there was only the stomach ache, nothing serious. Was it really nothing to be worried about? It’s worth considering.

Regardless whether you are experiencing sickness symptoms such as tiredness, headaches etc., or whether you are physically active, a diet can change a lot in your life.

We can show you what to do in order to improve your health to the maximum. In fact, health is the most important thing in our life.

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