Here are some of the measurement methods we use:

Analysis of body composition and weight

In order to choose the right nutrition plan for you, first of all we will conduct tests that will check the level of your body fat and your current body weight.

Thanks to this information, we will be able to adjust the diet specifically to you and determine the time that will take you to achieve your goal.

The results of the body composition analysis are not 100% accurate, but regular testing during visits will allow you to follow positive changes in your body that will occur during our cooperation.

In addition, you will see the changes on special charts and in the form of specific numbers that will illustrate your effects. Do you want to talk to a dietician about it?

Price of the examination: 30 PLN

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Testing sodium content in sweat

Do you train hard? If so, then testing the sodium content in sweat will allow you to choose the right type of isotonic drink perfectly adapted to the needs of your body.

Thanks to this, you will avoid muscle cramps and decreased efficiency.

We recommend this testing to all athletes who would like to approach their body in an individual way and use the results during everyday training and competition.

We carry out sweat testing as a part of consultations.

Price of the examination: 1200 PLN

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We perform the tests of sodium content in the body in our offices

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does the first visit look like?

During the first visit we would like to learn as much as possible about you: what is your lifestyle, what are your eating habits, what problems do you have and what would you like to achieve. We will carry out an in-depth nutrition and health interview with you. Based on it we will formulate appropriate recommendations for you. After the conversation, we will analyze your body composition and weight, and then discuss them. We will show you the mistakes you make and suggest how to eliminate them. If you have any questions or doubts - you will be able to confidently ask what you want.

2What method is used to analyze body composition?

The measurement is done using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), during which tissue resistance to electrical impulse is measured. It is a fast, safe, non-invasive and painless method that allows us to assess such parameters as the level of fat tissue and lean body mass of both the whole body and individual limbs, the level of hydration of the body, bone mass and the indicator of visceral fat (surrounding internal organs), fat distribution and lean body mass.

3How to prepare for the first visit?

In order to carry out reliable measurements of body composition and weight, it is necessary to comply with certain measurement standards:

  • the test should be carried out on an empty stomach or 4-6 hours apart from the last meal
  • intense physical activity should be avoided 12 hours before the measurement
  • The test is done barefoot (avoid coming to visit in tights),
  • try to limit the intake of stimulants (coffee, energy drinks, tea and pre-workout supplements) as well as alcohol 24 hours before the planned visit
4How to fill in the nutrition diary?

The diary should include typical days that usually occur during your week. It is recommended that it includes 2 business days and one weekend day. In order to facilitate the preparation of such a diary, we have prepared for you several rules that you should follow:

  • Take notes regularly, don't wait to write down your food and liquids at the end of the day, because you'll probably no longer remember the amount you consumed.
  • When writing down individual products, be sure to specify their quantity in the form of product weight, volume, number of pieces or using kitchen measures (spoon, glass).
  • When taking notes, consider the place and time of eating the products, as well as the method of their heat treatment (cooking, braising, baking, frying).
  • Observe the signs the body sends you and write them down, too. Headaches and stomachaches, bloating, diarrhea or heartburn are symptoms that can be eliminated relatively easily with the help of a diet, and thus recording the ailments that arose during the day and determining their time of day can help eliminate these types of problems in the future.
  • Write down everything, even candy or a bite of a banana.
  • Remember - don't cheat! The diary is to be used as a help that will allow us to analyze the case more accurately, draw conclusions and better match the planned activities to your person.
  • To facilitate your work, we have prepared for you a sheet where you can take your notes. The spreadsheet is available at

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